• Suitable for downpipe having a diameter from 80 to 100mm
  • Purifies rainwater from major pollution
  • Available in two different colors

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246,00 zł brutto

200,00 zł netto

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Leaf separator with filling function

Purifies rainwater from contaminants eg. leaves

Leaf Separator with filling function is a combination of a leaf separator and rainwater tank filling function. It can also be used as a pre-filter for leaves and larger dirt particles, but at the same time it can also serve for filling a rainwater butt. The larger dirt is filtered out of the rainwater through the front opening. Therefore, this filter serves also as a protection against the blocking of the sewage pipe. You can add a hose for filling rainwater tanks to the small integrated 3/4" outlet connection. Connection possibility for 80 and 100mm downpipes, reduction is integrated in the housing.

How it works

1. The larger dirt is filtered out of the rainwater by the filter ribs.
2. Leaves and dirt are simply ejected from the filter.
3. Cleaned rainwater passes through to the downpipe or
4. into a rainwater tank through a 3/4" outlet connection.


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