• Undergutter rainwater barrel
  • Tank 500L volume
  • Styling for a barrel of dark brown color

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Burgund barrel 500L 

Rainwater tank look like oak barrel

Tank barrel "Burgundy" from 3p techniques 500L is a stylized oak barrel. The design allows the collection of large amounts of rainwater, because the barrel has a volume of 500L. The barrel has a decorative elements like frames with a barrel of Bavarian beer and rough texture of wood which gives it a natural look. Rainwater tank "Burgundy" has one connection at the front ¾ ", which can be screwed a tap. It is also an outlet 3/4" to drain the tank before frost or to allow connection of the tanks. The cover has a lock. Rainwater tank has a 2 year guarantee and is available in dark brown color.
To complete installation, you must choose your desired collector of rainwater (matched to the diameter and color of the gutter) and adjust the connection of the collector to the tank. All the elements you will find in our shop in accessories for rainwater.



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