• Underground rainwater Maxi Plus filter
  • No difference in height between the inlet and outlet
  • For roof surface max. 500m sq

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Underground Maxi Plus filter from Rewatec

Underground rainwater filter

This rainwater filter having many advantages. Maxi Plus, can be easily installed in existing piping, because the inlet and outlet are on the same level. Pure rainwater can be used in the home and garden. Rainwater filter Maxi Plus is recommended for roof areas max. 500m sq.


    • No difference in height between the inlet and outlet
    • Purification occurs by sedimentation and filtration
    • The filter cartridge mesh size of 0.5mm, is also suitable for house systems
    • Slim design, easy installation, small cover
    • The filter cartridge can be easily removed and cleaned
    • Inlet and outlet DN150
    • Case and cover are made of hard PE
    • The possibility of extension
Maxi Plus filter is sold without a basket filter, it can be purchased separately.
If you need a deeper foundation of the filter we have extending tube for Maxi and Maxi Plus.


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